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In Praise of Music: Phenotype Architecture

Part 1 Project 2021
Yujia Li
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University | China
The project is a music research center located on the southern coast of Portugal, with Portuguese traditional music FADO as the cultural foundation of the design, which is designed to help people find traditional music that has been gradually lost in modern busy lives. The design connects the cultural context and the terrain, and the application of artificial intelligence is added to the traditional design methods, and then the concept of phenotype architecture is proposed, which can assist to gain a better understanding of what is a phenotype architecture, genotype and phenotype definition in biology.

Under normal circumstances, people think that genotype determines the development of an organism, but in fact, the same genotype can also acquire different phenotypes as the environment changes. In this project, FADO is abstracted by artificial intelligence , and the triangle is extracted as the genotype of the design, then through the analysis of the terrain, the triangle is applied to the site, and the final organic architecture is obtained. The final phenotype of architecture can be seen as a common response to culture, function, and site.

Yujia Li


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