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Decentralised Augmented Performing Space for Extreme Sadness

Part 2 Project 2021
Lok Hang Cheung
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University | China
To respond to sea level rises of the Venice Lagoon, this project proposed a superimposed infrastructural system to allow future city development above the sunken island.
Firstly, inspired by artificial intelligence, provide a polycentric street network instead of a traditional hierarchical grid system. Then, through combing the thesis research result of re-examination of how to use algorithms to face complex planning problem, a connectivity-based street network that can face future unpredictable development is proposed.

For the building scale, the main enquiry is to rethink the future vision of the Venice biennale and festivals traditions. Hence, through an exhibit-audience experimental study, scales for variety of exhibitions and performances are analyzed. The data provides parameters for a habitable megastructure, as a new form of performing space. The megastructure can allow decentralised collective-designs from different designers simultaneously.

Finally, the performing space allows the maximized options of performances, i.e. augmented performance: physical (arch. & env.), digital (eg. projections) and humans. A performance scenario has been performed/experimented with both physical model and digital model. The performance is envisioning future performance as a technological and spatial medium of distressing, instead of collectively-pretentious technological optimism.

Lok Hang Cheung


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