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Palaces for the Beings

Part 2 Project 2021
Alica Clemens
Technical University of Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern | Germany
Palaces for the beings is a joyful impetus to rethink places from existing materials and elements by questioning building standards, value, time and space. It shows an alternative along the canal where imperfect places and complexity are embraced and the canal is encouraged to thrive in a nourishing and wild mesh of dynamic coexistence and interdependencies.

Located in the East End of London, Regent’s Canal and Hertford Union Canal appear as an interplay of post- industrial places, undesigned places, remnants of nature, skyrocketing investment housing complexes and small English terraced houses. An imperfect and ambiguous conglomeration - a place of possibilities.

This project is a careful collection of moments and atmospheres experienced by the wanderlust along the area intertwined with six interventions. Small gestures reveal new possibilities from the existing by mending, rethinking and rediscovering these points of friction, the places of encounter, the places that mean something to us, that support our togetherness. It encourages an environment for all living beings - all humans, plants and animals. Beings also translates as Wesen - the essence of something, its character and soul.

The work was about asking questions. Whose city is this? Who are we building for? And why?

Alica Clemens


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