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The Embassy of Safety

Part 1 Project 2021
Hazwan Husain
MARA University of Technology - Puncak Alam campus | Malaysia
Road accidents have been a major challenge in paving a socially sustainable urban environment. 3700 lives are gone daily because of road accidents worldwide. In Malaysia particularly, road safety issues are a major drawback to social wellbeing as the country recorded an inclining number of road accidents over the past decade. A detailed study shows that road safety awareness and behavior in the local society are in an urgent state to be improved. The Embassy of Safety speculates the efforts and research to raise the awareness of the locals towards road safety efforts and thus impacting their behavior on the road for a better urban environment.

An awareness center is strategically proposed in Raja Chulan Road where the major intersections of the 20 listed road accidents hotspots in Greater Kuala Lumpur are situated. Inspired by Volvo’s safety efforts, the center is speculated to embody the physical attributes of an ambassador that is translated into architectural tectonics. The wasted resources and lives from road accidents are hypothetically circulated into sustainable building materials and emotionally evoking experiences, choreographed by the spatial articulation. The notion of embassy redefines the endgame of spreading safety messages to society.

Hazwan Husain


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