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Grow in the Grid

Part 1 Project 2021
Fathma Nazmeen
Heriot Watt University - Dubai Campus | UAE
At present, most people have basic shelters, but what makes it a home, their home is the sense of ownership and belonging that the house gives them.

Rigga, Dubai is a neighbourhood seeing several low-income users. As is the case with most such neighbourhoods, Rigga too lacks quality public spaces. The challenge is to create a system that caters to these users on both these fronts, giving them an affordable yet innovative living typology while simultaneously catering to their un-met social and civic needs.

The project sets a lifestyle example by redefining housing through a self-build system that fits different user requirements. Units are grown along a grid enabling constant change. Every resident gets their own living cube and a bicycle. They grow their own produce in communal farms - sold in a resident-run farmer’s market. The entire system works together to give the user a sense of belonging within that community and the green cubes add to communal spaces and enhance the wellbeing of the user. In addition, the project also focuses on the wider context by bringing in the public through cycle paths, public spaces, and farmer’s market in order to cater to the wider public of Rigga.

Fathma Nazmeen


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