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The Live/Work City

Part 2 Project 2021
Yavor Ivanov
London School of Architecture | UK
The Live/Work City is a new model of co-locating homes, workplaces, and industries, which gives immediacy to the multitude of processes that make up the city. Thus, it allows them to share spaces and resources, kindle interactions between uses and users, and create lively and inclusive cities.

The proposal, sited in Hackney Wick, seeks to retain and intensify existing industrial, creative workplace, and leisure programmes. Through establishing a hierarchy of public places in terms of scale and character, the masterplan seeks to sustain and enhance this diversity of uses. Industrial 'mega blocks' within it comprise shared workspaces, facilities, and amenities, facilitating the exchange between residents and workers as well as crafts and industries. Shell-and-core user-customised (work)home typologies provide flexibility between live- and work-centric lifestyles and enable varying degrees of public interaction to residential units.

Through the close co-location of uses, the proposal creates a continuously inhabited, walkable piece of city. The visibility between different processes enables education through lifelong exposure to different professions.
Likewise, the collective industry model provides employment and training, helping retain vital jobs within London. New environmental synergies stem from these collocations, promoting consciousness and a circular economy of energy and materials.

Yavor Ivanov


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