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Common Ground

Part 2 Project 2021
Jack Banting
London School of Architecture | UK
The project seeks to appraise the value of existing spaces that intervene estate housing. Proposing the Hackney Local authority make an o?ering of these ‘commons’ sites throughout its estates, to the ownership of newly formed Tenants and Residents Associations, with the objective of creating social and economic opportunities. Communities throughout Hackney will be given new rights to govern, and new agency to deliberate and determine the future-use of available sites. A deployable, framework architecture ensures the scheme’s a?ordability, adaptability and its potential for demountability & post-life cycle use. The design facilitates the future authorship of the building throughout its occupancy – outlining plans for adaptable thresholds, partitions, storage solutions and furniture. In the hands of the community, increased spatial agency will provide residents with spaces to work, to start businesses, to learn, grow food and to come together. Granting residents with shared facilities, a sense of collective ownership and scope to create new opportunities. The lasting impact of the Common Ground project is in its positioning as an archetype proposal, where the precedent of intervention across the identified prototype sites has the potential to demonstrate the extensive social and economic benefits of putting ‘Commons’ in the hands of the communities that inhabit them.

Jack Banting


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