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Santo Pietro’s Winery

Part 2 Project 2021
Raul Mormeneo Colomer
University of East London London | UK
The project is located in the small village of Santo Pietro, in an extensive rural area in the Comune of Caltagirone in Sicily. Benefited from the weather, landscape and lack of urbanization on the region, the area has excellent potential to attract new agricultural related economies, adapt to new trends on tourism such as Agriturismo, and hence create an economic boost in the region which would ultimately develop the growth and expansion of Santo Prieto.

The greatest problem most rural areas face is the rural-urban migration. The thesis aims to challenge this reality offering a pure agricultural experience, attracting people to the region while creating a long-lasting relationship between the visitor and the place and in turn provide rural development and employment generation while providing a positive environmental impact.

Driven by the rich history and culture of Sicilian Wine manufacturing, the building’s shape and forms have been sensibly inspired by the construction techniques employed since the ancient times, from the Greeks, up to the Baroque. The ‘Arch’ and the ‘Vault’ are two elements which have been cautiously researched and experimented with in this project not
only for structural purposes, but to create extraordinary complex spaces to fit every programme.

Raul Mormeneo Colomer


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