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The Village of Curiosities

Part 2 Project 2021
Ram Abdallah
Beirut Arab University - Tripoli campus Tripoli | Lebanon
What is curiosity? According to Merriam-Webster, Curiosity is "an interest leading to inquiry, is the foundation for exploration and discovery." Our curious nature is the driving force behind the creativity, exploration, and discovery that has propelled us into an ever-increasing understanding and relationship with our surroundings. There are significant and historical monuments that arouse curiosity to discover and know them in the area of the sites (old Mina Tripoli city). The project reflects the spirit of Old Mina to be seen, for the first time, repeatedly discovering this hidden gem.
The concept derives idea from the urban distribution of the ancient Arab city (random distribution), which makes you curious to know what is after with the integration of green spaces everywhere in-ground and roof and outdoor and indoor areas. The small-scale typology creates a space with the notion that something special can happen at each corner. A village-typology creates diversity; it creates unexpected connections and the curiosity to discover the unforeseen.
To revive our heritage through this cultural project in a modern and contemporary way in Tripoli city, which known as the city of "science and scholars."

Ram Abdallah


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