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The Temple of Imperfection: A Perfectly Imperfect Solution for a Circular Economy

Part 1 Project 2021
Aaron Naish
Arts University Bournemouth | UK
The project presents a circular construction methodology harnessing the potential of mycelium. A perfectly imperfect material that holds solutions to many issues within the construction industry. When paired with a biological substrate the bottom vegetative half of mushrooms (mycelium) can be utilised to form architectural components that are carbon negative. Storing two tonnes of CO2 for each tonne produced, naturally derived without petrochemicals thus non-harmful at the end of their lifespan and when formed into 100mm cladding panels achieves minimum U-value ratings without additional insulation.

To maximise the potential of the insulative and organic cladding panels the project employs a modular prefabricated approach allowing the building to adapt and grow at the end of its programmatic lifespan, based around a structural timber grid. With the majority of biological material wasted in the production of timber components the project utilises this waste as substrate for the mycelium cladding panels. Which are composted at the end of their lifespan forming fertiliser for new trees and mushrooms, closing the loop.

The typology reflects the notion of growth, reviving the Ancient Greek temple of perfection that appreciates both physical and mental growth and development as a 21st century community orientated facility in neglected Boscombe.

Aaron Naish


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