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Gathering: Circular Constructs: Revolutionary Rooms

Part 1 Project 2022
Mats Borgen
University of Brighton | UK
A gathering of cylindrical forms became the generative idea for a project that has evolved through many stages. In search of ways that people might be brought together, as part of a relevant collective experience of gathering the architectural investigation asked, how might multiple chambers, rooms, openings of space and light, provide for variety of different possible proximities and interactions? How might the building contextually respond to its locality, remain at relatively intimate scale, yet connect with nature and suggest immensity?

In Lewes, at the unloved edges of the town, various marginal sites were investigated as potential locations, despite their high risk of flooding. Proposals evolved from a place of meeting, to meeting in a form of steam bath-house, to considering that a more appropriate purpose would be for a place of gathering for discussion, debate and study, in a new form of assembly rooms. In connection with the town’s most illustrious resident, Thomas Paine (1737-1809), and his visionary ideas, with a library and archive at its heart, the proposed building would form a centre for revolutionary studies, that also would be adopted for use by the Headstrong Club, and local societies such as those concerned with Lewes Bonfire.

Mats Borgen

Mr Stephen Ryan
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