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Touristic Complex on Intersection of Heydar Aliyev Avenue and Murtuza Naghiyev Street in Baku City

Part 1 Project 2022
Farah Elchin Talishinskaya
Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction | Azerbaijan
The main purpose of design of this project is to add harmony and balance from the architec­tural point of view to chosen territory located near one of the most popular projects of Zaha Hadid, - Heydar Aliyev center.

During the design process, firstly we relied on this project as an architectural dominant, only after identifying main axes and objects on location sketching pro­cess had started. The other purpose of this project has the character of functional reliability and set direction for future urban planning, changing fundamentally using of area with great importance for the benefit of development of touristic business of Azerbaijan.

The idea is in breaking the pattern about the classic concept of hotel, making it more open, available, modern and multifunctional. Project locates on central business district of the city and pro­vides with a hotel, place for business meetings, recreation and entertainment at the same time.

One of the distinguishing feature of the complex is being available not only for tourists, but also for locals. The function of the project also includes filling absence of any entertain­ment facilities for the local population.

Farah Elchin Talishinskaya


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