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Post Modern Corviale

Part 2 Project 2022
Davide Mattia Mordini
University of Portsmouth | UK
Corviale is a one kilometer long residential building, an animal-like building, its tenants call it the snake, but made of concrete. Life is hard inside the snake, the municipality has completely abandoned its inhabitants and does not intend to bear the costs of running this building.The people who live there are tired of having to live in a continuous state of social, economic, and cultural impossibility. The tenants of Corviale like the building, the air is good because of the large park behind it, and the houses inside are large and spacious.

But the whole city of Rome looks badly at those coming from Corviale.Precisely for this reason, the people of Corviale feel the need to change the snake and modify it in their image and likeness, inserting all those functions that were not there before and that can give it a further possibility.

Through a series of Post Modern actions and the interpretation of some world-famous architectural writings, it is intended to include functions within the building that give a new image to Corviale.

Davide Mattia Mordini


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