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A Central Gathering Space: the Village Square

Part 1 Project 2023
Majed Mohsen Jahzer
University of Portsmouth | UK
A community centre designed to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together. Inspired by the concept of a small village in order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A space where both locals and tourists can come together to communicate and connect. The main building in this communal space is a library, which serves as the heart of the community centre. The aim is to create a city where not only the youth, but all ages could use as an escape to breathe, learn and create. A city that will provide its locals with their needs and more without requiring them to seek out basic necessities elsewhere. It is a place that connects us all with knowledge, fun, activities and different passions; it's a place where you and I could exhibit and explore. This is Gosport. This is home.
Majed Mohsen Jahzer


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