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Industrial Interface: The Future of Infrastructure in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Part 2 Project 2023
Leah Bohatch
Camille Kreisel
Tulane University | USA
Wastewater treatment is currently an isolated system despite its importance in serving civilians, creating a linear relationship that wastes a limited resource while harming the health of its source: the body.

The current systems in Miami threaten the health of the city and the individual, calling for a necessary change. A proposed micro wastewater treatment plant in Miami continues the cycle of water treatment and reclamation, supporting the heat-stricken city through the reprogramming of a cooling aquatic centre to act as an example for future plants. A red winding path represents this new interface, snaking around mechanical systems and inhabiting the mechanical space as a volume that enables the user to experience the treatment cycle.

The surrounding plaza utilizes a gradient stepped strategy to enhance water runoff, merging the mechanical and landscape. The person, building, and plaza's relationship once again become symbiotic and mutually beneficial through a redefined relationship. Reconnecting the city infrastructure and domestic space, a new industrial commons generates new relationships and programs for a hybridized future.

Leah Bohatch
Camille Kreisel


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