School Project Entries 2021

University of Nottingham

Making Do
The project looks at sustainable development through the repair and adaptation of a series of derelict railway warehouses in Nottingham. The large... read on
Oliver Skelton
Towards a New Modernism: The House of the City
This Design Thesis postulates the significance of Modernist space conception and its continued applicability. The value of Modernism lies in its spati... read on
Conor Vale
Cliff Road Apartments
Cliff Road sits at a heterogeneous junction at the periphery of Nottingham’s city centre; an overpass, the Nottingham Contemporary, a 1930’s housing e... read on
Ryder Kirk-Newstead
The Lenton Community
Community is not a place or a building; neither is it a street or centre. In its most fundamental state, the feeling of community comes from shared ex... read on
Jennifer Kendall