School Project Entries 2021

Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL)

Building a Bathhouse at Scale 1:1
‘It is September 2020 and I am here, stuck in my room wondering how I can design a building within this space.‘ The project is concerned with the s... read on
Ioana Drogeanu
The Earthen Land Registry
London Clay plays a distinguished role in the rich architectural history of London and has now largely disappeared as a living industry. The Earthen L... read on
Daniel Pope
Rituals of Resistance: Narratives of Critical Inhabitation
The frontiers of ongoing climate struggles are entangled with political crises, territorial conflicts, migration and citizenship. The roots of this ca... read on
Arinjoy Sen
Seeding Swanscombe Marshes
Set on an isolated windswept peninsula lies Swanscombe marshes, the site for a regenerative and resilient courthouse. The slow and steady construction... read on
Ben Foulkes