School Project Entries 2020

University of Greenwich

Interlocking Studios, Fish Island
Interlocking Studios, Fish Island is an artist’s studio and a gallery space in Hackney, London. The project houses 3 creatives: painter Frank Bowling,... read on
Mara Fetche
Abya Yala: The Amazonian Organism, The Maniwa Canal & The Ampó Settlement
Abya Yala is the original name for The Americas continent, representing the Indigenous preservation of their cultures while remaining in connection ... read on
Luis Rojas Paipilla
Soft City proposes to speculate on the future of our democracy in a globally connected world, by imagining a nomadic parliament for the Netizens of t... read on
Marine Zub
Re-flooding the Broads
“If rainforests are the lungs of the planet, then wetlands are the lifeblood. As much as we need air to breathe, we need water to live.” – Wildfowl &... read on
Jack Taylor