School Project Entries 2021

De Montfort University

The Institute of Craft Development
The Institute of Craft Development is a national project for the continuation and advancement of craft. In our modern world, we are in danger of losin... read on
Abraham Steward
Ruincarnation responds to contemporary issues prompted by the political shift post-pandemic. As the UK adapts to these changes, breaking ties with the... read on
Janusz Moore
A Co-operative Architectural Response to the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The Floating Biorefinery is driven by the pressures of finding new sources of energy to supply the forthcoming demand of the next Industrial Revolutio... read on
Domenica Freire
Vessels of Penrhyn
Fairbourne is soon to be the first British settlement to be flooded due to climate change. In response, the local authorities have decided to remove t... read on
Ben Harrell