School Project Entries 2023

Queen's University Belfast

No Other Place
On the windy rugged coast of Northern Ireland where castles are turned to ruins, a small remote town perseveres - Ballycastle. Ballycastle dates ... read on
Fintan Dalton
Simulacra and Repatriation: A Case Study of Decolonising The British Museum
‘it shall be the duty of the Trustees of the British Museum to keep the objects comprised in the collections of the Museum within the authorised repos... read on
Louise Weston
Assembled in Juxtaposition
The Reconciliation of Ardglass Harbour Through Techniques of Juxtaposition explores the intricate connections between old and new, monumental and ever... read on
Eleanor McQuaid
City Living Room Belfast: A Home from Home
Belfast is undergoing radical change. New development plans will overrule current built conditions by focusing on demolition rather than breathing new... read on
Charlotte Henrich