School Project Entries 2021

University of New South Wales

Adit: Discovering a New Gem
Since Broken Hill's mineral reserves have diminished in the 1960's, the prosperity and energy of the now heritage-listed town has declined at an alarm... read on
William Xie
The concept of a dyeing factory is a metaphor for race. People with different racial colours from all over the world flock to this site every day. The... read on
Zhouxi Bi
EX • POSURE: Parramatta Female Factory
The Parramatta Female Factory lies on traditional Aboriginal Darug Land, located within North Parramatta, north-west of Sydney, Australia. Constructio... read on
Mackenzie Peachey
Bridging the Past
A museum must be as dedicated to the future as it is to the past. It is more than a place for memories, it is a place to reimagine the future, educate... read on
Alexander Lim