School Project Entries 2023

University of Westminster

Vegan Production Centre
This project involves two strands the aesthetics and an Eco-Socialist urban vision, located at Oxford Street East. The aesthetic appearance of the Eco... read on
Gizem Bulbul
The Watchmen in the Trees
Situated in the abandoned village of Gherdeal, Transylvania, "The Watchmen in the Trees" seeks to address the catastrophic destruction of the forests ... read on
Estera Badelita
The Council for Ecosystem Restoration
The Council for Ecological Restoration aims to regenerate ecosystems globally and nationally, incorporating ecosystemic processes within the building ... read on
Kacper Sehnke
Collective Harvesting of Memory
Situated on the Thames Estuary, Southend-on-Sea has only recently been granted city status, in March 2022. With this, however, it seems that the town ... read on
Adelina Ivan