School Project Entries 2022

University of Kent

Bamboo for the Future. Bamboo Arts in Ramsgate
A proposed civic centre, entitled Bamboo Arts in Ramsgate, responds to a city deprived of colour and nature. Developed alongside the charity, Arts in ... read on
Samuel Crow
Plateau: The redevelopment of Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour car-park seeks to expand upon the limited public space along the seafront and integrate communi... read on
Colin Michael Nietzer
The Road Not Taken
The Thesis proposes a return for digital impressions to be made upon the landscape as places to reinvigorate oneself. They shall be made through a dig... read on
Robert Keen
Paradoxical Preservation
Chatham Intra is a contradiction, a conservation area of non-place. Consisting of a high street and branching alleyways It holds the historic city-to... read on
George Edward James