School Project Entries 2021

University of Sheffield

Tate Sheffield
By exhibiting the UK’s national public collection of art, the Tate plays a key role in the expression of British identities. It should be its civil du... read on
Charlie Young
Breaking Ground
A groundbreaking ceremony is an event held to celebrate the onset of construction. It formally perpetuates a continuous mobilisation of materials, lab... read on
Connor Tulip Dovydas Simkus
Sheffield Gallery of Living History and Art
The Gallery of Living History and Art located in the Wicker area of Sheffield is a celebration of the city’s industrial heritage that aims to enrich t... read on
Mariya Nesheva
The Drowned Don: An Alternative Proposition for UK Flood Defence Strategies
The Drowned Don proposition has been drafted in response to extreme climatic events of recent months that have populated headlines. Future climate unc... read on
Chloé Nicol