School Project Entries 2021

London Metropolitan University

An Architecture of Spolia for Brick Lane
Brick Lane, and London more broadly, were seismically altered because of the COVID-19 crisis. Homes took on the additional function as a place for lab... read on
Christopher Smith
Building as a City
Vertical city: The project itself is a self sustained vertical village, where the urban infrastructure acts as a city that combines ideas of archite... read on
Laura Carcano
Palazzo Posidonia: Public Bathing, Commerce and Industry
‘Palazzo Posidonia’ imagines the development of a manufacturing industry using ‘posidonia’, a Mediterranean seagrass or Neptune grass, named after Pos... read on
Ian Davide Bugarin
The Workers’ Enclave
Behind the classical grandeur of Ludgate Hill is a fragmented urban grain, where buildings step down towards the river. It is a place of contradiction... read on
Conor Lawless