School Project Entries 2021

Oxford Brookes University

Cypriot Media Centre
The project responds to the ongoing conflict between Northern and Southern Cyprus, transcending the division through Media Production. The Centre aims... read on
Julia Wlodarczyk
The Augurist & The Apothecary
Our senses are mechanisms to flourish in the natural world. Our current, constricted climate has caused heightened senses that either wilt or overgrow... read on
Gabriel Edyvean-Heard
(Un)Earthing Resilience in Nouakchott
‘(Un)Earthing Resilience in Nouakchott’ explores the potential of alternative construction in urban fringe communities as a model for building resilie... read on
Elizabeth Ryall
The Dalston Hub: A Vertical Market
The Dalston Hub is the beating heart of Hackney, run by traders’ activist, the vertical market proclaims a new social order and system of measure of t... read on
Elliott Ng Chan Kye Afoke
Serjeant Award