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The Manhattan Matrix:Reloaded

Part 2 Dissertation 2004
Nathmya Saffarini
De Montfort University | UK
New York is a city that fascinates many. The fascination with the City emanates from the architecture and the urban fabric, the people and lifestyle drawn out of the media. A plethora of books have been written about this great city. The ultimate Manhattan lifestyle has been advertised through television programmes such as, Friends and Sex in the City. to name but two. Political events such as the 9/11 terrorist attack have also brought New York into the spotlight. The magnitude of the loss and trauma of the event should make us pause to rethink the urban condition and the fundamental way in which megalopolis are built?
Nathmya Saffarini

(Not by Richard Patterson)

This work attempts to understand Manhattan not as a physical entity but from a Psychoanalytical perspective. This didactic approach takes from a wide range of writing to draw together an alternative view of how this district of New York works.

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