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Connection and the Assimilation of Infrastructure: Re-evaluating the Formation of the Railway

Part 2 Dissertation 2004
Rebecca Underwood
University of Liverpool | UK
The paper begins with and introduction to the multi facetted aspects city of infrastructure. This sets a precedent of looking at each part of the paper using a cross discipline approach to reflect the complex nature of the subject. Infrastructure is usually associated with civil engineering, and yet using the description of other subject areas reveals geography, landscape, architecture, and human quality rarely described.
Rebecca Underwood

We awarded this dissertation our highest mark this year for a number of reasons. First of all, though it is a small compass Rebecca undertook original research to complete the work. Secondly, it tells the story of the first railway line ever built with great verve and interest detailing what is left of that line. And thirdly, because it casts a strong well-focussed spotlight upon the ever more important topic of urban infrastructure from the point of view of architectural production.

Happily too it lacks any suggestion of the hagiographic or personal metaphysical rambling that can all too often pass for research in architecture today. It is also not verbose. For these positive and negative reasons we rated this as our best dissertation by an excellent student.

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