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Part 2 Dissertation 2004
Juan Antonio Papagni
University of Mendoza | Argentina
This analysis has been formulated to help my professional thesis, this research consists on theoretical, art and architectural antecedents.
As an Argentinean student doing my thesis in Mexico I inspired in both cultures. As an ambassador of the first and in acknowledgement of the second, I used symbols of both countries related to music, Tango and Songs of Chavela Vargas.
I had to study the possible relationships between architecture and arts due to my interest in music, therefore the theoretical antecedents, that justify such relationship, consisting on the ideas of the spiritual origin of art of Wassily Kandinsky, on the no boundaries between art and architecture of Julia Schulz-Dornburg and on the intuition inspiration of David Carson.
Apart from them I consider the idea of Ephemeral Art and Deconstruction as to mediums of new expression. The first one is strictly connected to time or with its no time characteristic, this contradicts the ideas of tradition as a postmodernism is the other contradiction, but they will be used in a tricky way, in a persuading way.
In the architectural and art references there are the Park La Villette in Paris with its disturbing and signifiers spaces, the Jewish Museum of Berlin, that evokes history in a particular way, the park and Museum Kalknese, that in a ludicrous way intends to show a different explanation of history, the Amancio Williams Homage which with few elements demonstrate huge sensations and the art of Marta Minujin that in a funny way produces significant messages. All of them with differences and coincidences express themselves with personality, the big idea that I want to obtain, the idea of finding tradition and identity and so identity will come up by itself.
In synthesis, the idea is to find the sense of architecture or in a better way, the architecture of senses.

Juan Antonio Papagni

This work is actually a great contribution to architecture. It proposes A SPACE FOR THE SENSES through the combination of TRADITION (the essential commitment between designer and user) and AVANT-GARDE (a timeless feature characteristic of the 21st century). Thus, past and future are brought together in an ART MUSEUM by this creative experiment full of aesthetic emotions. The project also incorporates music as a culture’s way of expression by drawing a parallel between Argentina and Mexico’s most representative musical genres: Tango and Mexican singing.
The research will be corroborated through a thesis work.

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