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Xpaces: experimental spaces in architecture

Part 2 Dissertation 2006
Mauricio Velasquez Posada
National University of Colombia - Medellin campus Medellin Colombia
[Experimental spaces in architecture]

This paper is a search of other space forms in an expanded field; in some ways or contemporary productions that have been drawn in new ephemeral and temporal cultural character productions, in other ways of feeling and thinking the architectonic, artistic and communicative expression trough the plastic relationship between space-body, It researches both architecture and art, new spatial structures synchronized whit the body, develops and estimates a technique that is concerned with the multiple perceptive experiences, discovering sights and alternatives in the architectonic and/or plastic space.

Xpaces aims to recognize and produce “even” projections, spaces for slips, that will give gesture a chance what is linked to space from action itself- and that are not the habits themselves (because, when a space is instantaneous it doesn't pretend to be a habit).

Xpaces is an incursion, an inquiry in the subject's perception of an environment or field, in how his senses are detonated, in how he acces to his spaces and in how they acces to his subjectivity beyond the approximation of architectonic forms; where the receptor identifies a know situation and a new one at the same time, that induces him to inquiry minutenessly and, while dispersing himself in the happening environments, has living experiences of diverse orders, while its sensorium is multiply operated.
1 [Procedure]
Explore into the construction of personal concepts, tools and implements that can express and communicate the relationships of man with his environment, in the conception of the contemporary architectonic space.
2 [Method]
Alternate a theorycal and an experimental phase in the creation of environments and aesthetic experimental practices –Xpace 1, Xpace 2, Xpace 3, Xpace 4- making possible and developing certain actions and events related with space-body.
3 [Results]
Different approaches to the comprehension of architectonic and urban space, conceiving new spatial structures in synchrony with the body that develops and revalues a technique focused in the individual's sensible and un-essential experience.

Mauricio Velasquez Posada

The final year of our studies program offers in-depth lines of research thesis projects or dissertations. This work start as a result of two in-depth lines: “The architectural project” offer by the architecture program and “Space” offer by the Arts program. Both courses, aims to explore contemporary space and forms, but since their own approaches.

This project has been nominated for his alternative architectural space research since the plastic relationships between space and body. It has been nominated also for his method: these work alternate theoretical and experimental phases for creation of environments and aesthetic experimental practices as performances, installations, happenings, etc, where space and body are in plastic relations.

Professor Juan Carlos Castañeda Acero

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