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Habitat 67 : A Complex Story

Part 2 Dissertation 2010
Sam Daysh
Northumbria University Newcastle | UK
Habitat 67: - A Complex Story

On April 27th 1967, Moshe Safdie’s first real architectural project, Habitat, was completed and opened as an exhibit at the International and Universal Exposition in Montreal. The project was deemed a ‘groundbreaking’ residential building form, and people came from across the globe to see it.

Today the building still stands fully inhabited and regarded as a great success by many. Few have questioned how Safdie achieved the exceptional feat of devising a truly unique, unprecedented architectural concept; or why, as a success it has not been replicated.

When examined far beyond the illusory facade of fame and ignorant admiration that the project has developed, it becomes evident that Habitat 67 did not fulfil Safdie’s fundamental intentions at all, though it was never considered a failure.

By examining the life of the architect, exploring the design and construction process, visiting the building and consulting the residents, Habitat 67: A Complex Story is an investigation into how and why the architect developed such a ‘revolutionary’ concept; and yet how it failed to revolutionise anything beyond itself.

Sam Daysh

Mr Paul Jones
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