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Aural Architecture – Communication and Representation

Part 1 Dissertation 2011
Jakob Benjamin
University of Cambridge | UK
This dissertation discusses the issues that surround the current condition of the urban soundscape and investigates the causes for its deterioration, as well as the overall role of sound in architecture.

The hegemony of vision and the tradition of acoustic design that restricts itself to interior spaces of certain typologies negatively affects the state of the urban soundscape. There is a general absence of understanding about the wider significance of auditory spatial awareness, which primarily manifest itself in our perception of the continuity of space and time. It also influences the way we navigate through space, whilst promoting a sense of social cohesion.

Finally, the study will concentrate on means of communicating and representing aural information in order to assimilate the use of sound into a coherent design methodology.
The ‘Moving Image Piece’ aims to communicate the relationship between sound and vision in an urban context.

Jakob Benjamin

Francois Penz
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