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Memories of Famagusta: Recapturing the Image of the City through the Memories of Refugees

Part 2 Dissertation 2015
Irene Klokkari
University of Brighton | UK
Varosi, the inaccessible part of the Cypriot town of Famagusta, is presently subject to political as well as architectural discussions charting possibilities for its return to Greek Cypriot residents, after forty years under Turkish control and abandonment. In this study, derelict Democratias Avenue, Varosi's main commercial road, is being examined as a place of memory, in an effort to construct a non-physical base for the re-planning of the city.

The study attempts to recapture the image of the city by using interviews and drawings of refugees from Varosi. This place-based appraisal, expressed in an ‘oral and drawn’ history, has resulted in a collection of documents that should provide vital information towards re-planning and resettlement. The drawings of Democratias Avenue are at once record and artefact and reveal significant psychological dimensions of the refugees’ relation to their former home.

The outcome of this study shows recollections of place that vary depending on age, gender and background and go beyond memories of physical structures as they begin to map the broader notion of ‘home’ and place. It is hoped that based on the findings of the study, this ‘oral and drawn’ history may be further exploited in the planning process.

Irene Klokkari

Mark Campbell
Karin Jaschke
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