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Revitalising a Post-Industrial Context through Biophilic Design: Glasgow, a city with a promise to its people

Part 2 Dissertation 2019
Charlotte Sorenson
University of Strathclyde | UK
This study is composed as a manifestation against the neglect of spaces and structures in the
post-industrial city, with Glasgow being the subject city. The approach of analysing and revitalising the post-industrial city through a biophilic filter can be applicable in other post-industrial settings, a toolkit for showcasing and reviving their potential.

Biophilia focuses on human’s innate attraction and emotional affiliation to nature. This approach allows for a symbiosis of city and nature, reimagining the interstices of the post-industrial city, by integrating ‘nature’ into forgotten parcels to reinvigorate distressed environments and promise curative urban insertions in a setting once dominated, and now forgotten, by industrialisation.

The documentation of urban routes, field studies in Glasgow, will act as constituents of the city and the basis of discussion through which a biophilic observational analysis is developed. Biophilia gives forgotten spaces and structures a chance to regain purpose and contribute to the city, benefitting the people and taking advantage of unfinished and abrupted instances. These spaces can further contribute to the urban fabric and feed into the everyday life of people.

By activating a space, the space gives back to the city and naturally, the city gives back to its people.

Charlotte Sorenson

Derek Hill
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