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Did BCG Kill the Modern Hospital?

Part 1 Dissertation 2019
Adam Nightingale
University of Salford Salford | UK
My dissertation investigates the evolution in requirements surrounding medical spaces, most notably, the shift in focus from the light and pure modernist sanatoriums of the early nineteen hundreds, to the efficiency driven designs we have today. My main focus will be life and death of the emblematic Hilversum Zonnestraal sanatorium, designed by Jan Duiker and Bernard Bijvoet in the 1920’s. Designed as a facility created for the treatment of tuberculosis, it is as indicative of the periods changing attitudes towards architecture as it is towards the changing theories surrounding contagion. I am going to look at the modernist ideas that proceeded and culminated in Zonnestraal, as well as the succeeding healthcare environments that it inspired, such as Alvar Aalto’s revolutionary Paimio Sanatorium. The idea of healing architecture is still relevant today as designers try and balance efficiency and attractiveness, with reports such as Roger Ulrich’s “ View through a window may influence recovery from surgery” pointing towards a possible return of therapeutic architecture. And so my paper poses the question: Was the earlier ideology of the sanatoriums right to be left behind? Or does modern hospital design afford the most patient orientated treatment?
Adam Nightingale

Tanja Poppelreuter
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