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Wild Fidelity: Ascension to the Higher Animals

Part 2 Dissertation 2019
Nancy Jackson
London School of Architecture | UK
‘Wild Fidelity: Ascension to the Higher Animals’ is a gentle call to arms, challenging our occupation of the planet and our relationships with each other.

Our current situation is explained metaphorically: We are animals in a Zoo.

We sit in a cage of enforced routine within our enclosures of stereotypes. The Law of the Zoo leads us to compete with one another while the Zookeeper’s surveillance ensures we conform.

We must escape from the Zoo to reunite with our natural tendencies and the natural world.

In the wild, it might be cold, damp, dark, and scary, but untamed nature and unpredictable weather are fine surroundings for creatures of the Earth.

A faithfulness to our wild selves, and the wild Earth, will serve humankind’s ascension to the higher animals.

Nancy Jackson

James Soane
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