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Asentamientos Humanos: An exploration into the development and existence of Lima’s expanding slum towns, viewed through the lens of four case studies

Part 2 Dissertation 2019
Patricia Leo
London South Bank University | UK
The sprawling slum towns of Lima are a phenomenon that has occurred within and around the Peruvian capital for many decades. The people who live there are exiled; cut off from the rest of the city and cast adrift in an unstable and volatile global climate. And yet the rapid growth and urbanisation of these slum towns continues at an incredible rate.

This dissertation seeks to find out why that is by looking at what the slum towns - or 'pueblos jovenes' as they are known - actually are. How did they come to be? How do they function? What does their future hold? The interplay between life in the slums and the role of architecture is considered as a backdrop against these questions. Can architecture make a difference where rapid urbanisation is disconnected from economic growth? The answers are complex and far-reaching.

Patricia Leo

Maria Theodorou
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