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The Design Studio Experience: Design Studio and the Learning Experience of Architecture Students in Tertiary Education

Part 2 Dissertation 2019
Adam Smith
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
This study investigates the learning experience of architecture students in the context of a tertiary education design studio. The inseparable relationship between activities, context and participants, lead this study through various fields of research. It attempts to discover the dominant features of the design studio that influence the learning experience for architecture students.

The lens through which this study is viewed, is a phenomenological one, focusing on the individuals’ subjective experience of the world by using their frame of reference built from memories, experience and meaning, and how they interpret, feel and behave.

Through research this study covers areas such as; the origin of the design studio, key pedagogical approaches and studio culture. Vital aspects of space, place and learning are explored to reveal a complex, subjective, blended whole; across which, interwoven relationships are identified, and their influence is revealed.

Adam Smith

Deborah Whelan
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