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(Re)Discovering the Identity of a Small Town through its Industrial Heritage

Part 2 Dissertation 2019
Cristian-Andrei Badescu
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism | Romania
The first steps towards writing this paper were originally generated by a personal interest in the ruins of a former tobacco warehouse found in the small town of Isaccea. Beyond a first superficial look, however, the research has acquired depth through the study not only of the ruin itself but rather of the entire town. A multi layered study of Isaccea has revealed a settlement that is legally defined as a town but which in fact lacks numerous urban amenities, its general features being rather rural. The discovery that this condition is not singular and, moreover, the fact that small towns embody a large percentage of all the urban localities in the country has led to a series of questions regarding their history and evolution and how they relate trough each other from a national perspective. The main themes that shaped the research as a whole were the specific features of a city like Isaccea, the potential of these features in defining a particular typology of the small city and, last but not least, the role that the industrial heritage of the city can have in its further development.

Cristian-Andrei Badescu

Irina Teodora Tulbure Moldovan
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