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In Relation to Another: The influence of Western media on the perception of housing

Part 2 Dissertation 2019
Viktoria Dimitrova
University of Huddersfield | UK
This paper is concerned with the relationship between Western Media and the ‘traditional’ house. It explores the continuous appeal of the dream for idyllic ‘normality’ that has shaped the perception of family and the home in the collective conscious of the public. Stemming from almost two centuries of media control and cultural engineering, nostalgia for the nuclear family defines the bounds of the idealised life. This paper begins with an analysis of the current state of the house and continues by identifying the conditions that lead to its dilapidated state. The images, key in the creation of this mythology, are also established; why they were created and how they were disseminated. Examples of alternatives to the traditional house are also analyzed in this paper, as a means of providing a critical view of the inherent qualities of ‘traditional’ housing and offering an account of how architects and artists sought to defy them.
Viktoria Dimitrova

Nic Clear
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