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'The Scrap Lung'

Part 1 Project 2005
Russell Pearce
University of Nottingham | UK
The predatory fish machine bled over the landscape, binding the void between person and terrain. Its surface absorbed sweat seeping from their skin, degrading information over its prey, manipulating their envelopes through sensory walking sticks it had created.
As the mirror sticks unfolded, windows blossomed digitally, defining the architecture around the structure. Conversations formed amongst degrading machinery and hydrolysis limbs, etching time based vectors into their tissue and leaching iron oxide poetically across the architectural membrane. Capillaries of canal fluid percolate through its skin, chemically distilled, generating energy to clean, paint, heat, and breathe new temporary fabrics towards the city.

Russell Pearce

A theatrical workshop constructed in the armageddon between technology and architecture. The walls are created through movements of hung urban prosthetics developed as conversations between the individual and the object.

The dancing prosthetic between time and its material create the landscape as a screen interior changing room in the precinct between form and literature upon which light and air filtrate through gaps in the surfaces of the machine. Leakage of the machine as a chemical/alchemical reduction of architecture is a criticism on the futility of surface technologies. The architectonic shall no longer have a means or an end.

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