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Medal Winner 2005

Collingwood's Vessel: A Retirement Home for Elderly Fishermen, Bigg Market, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Part 1 Project 2005
Luke Pearson
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) | UK
The scheme is a retirement home for elderly fishermen that also houses a working men's club for members of Newcastle’s fishing community. As a reflection of the separation and torpor of this unique society, the scheme takes the notion of the ship in an architectural context to create an ersatz environment which interacts with the city around it as if it were a dry docked vessel. The environmental technologies and the ways in which the notional ship has been translated into an architectural system are the focus of this study.
Luke Pearson

Luke's witty yet sensitive response to local problems of redundancy and an aging population are manifest in a ship-like structure that has seemingly become docked in an abandoned gap in the city. The hull, deck and cabins relate metaphorically to that of the merchant vessel but Luke's distinct architectural style and adaptation of fishing and shipping technologies are worked to provide a comfortable and familiar environment for the elderly.

Ms Laura Allen
Mr Mark Smout
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