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Part 1 Project 2005
Adam Furman
Architectural Association | UK
In my first term’s project I tried to bring together and explore the relationship between the imagined and the beheld; with my second term’s project I did the same with narrative and structure. In the third term project I wanted to use narrative to bring together structure and occupant in a time based relationship where the architecture becomes for them the beheld: but rather than mere superimposition over reality, their imaginations actually create space and structure. This alters their lives and routines, and leads them to create new spaces which in turn alters them again and so on until the occupants’ habits, routines and memories become inextricable from the physical fabric of their surroundings.
Adam Furman

The project was chosen for its intellectual brilliance, the original design approach and the maturity of its final architectural solution in relation to the theme: extreme space _or a way of living in-between.

Outstanding in its complexity, inventiveness and precision the project moves effortlessly between different scales and spatial ideas : from urban vision, to the making of a doorknob and a table, to the narrative spatiality of a house in time.

The three highly constructed sequential parts - each one representing a complete project in its own right -have an abstract quality that comes close to an architectural manifesto.

Ms Katrin Lahusen
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