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Arcaeological Museum. Troglodythic study center.

Part 2 Project 2005
Pavel Cosmin
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism | Romania

A key word of the project is the coexistence, the simultaneity of distinct temporal layers. On this historical background of sedimentation and subsidence of temporal sequences, the project is adding another one : the today, the forein layer.
The purpose is to produce an act of architecture in order to extend the underground dimension of the site. Following a dynamics of simple gestures, the architecture is grafting into the relief, and produces an inlay, a delicate scratch on the limit-surface. Entering a soft fluctuation process the museum mixes with the topography and ends by becoming topography.
Porosity vs compactity

Pavel Cosmin

- One of the most appreciated diploma projects by the intarnational jury in the 2005 summer session
- Elegant and subtle insertion of a complex program into an archaeological site
- Strong contrast between exterior minimal appearence and the interior diversity
- An attitude presented at its limits

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