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Diagram Works

Part 1 Dissertation 2001
Chloe Lih Yin Hiyu
National University of Singapore | Singapore
This dissertation introduces the activity of diagram making, within a computational framework, in the conceptualization stage of the design process. It also suggests looking at this diagram-making process in a multi-dimensional environment, beyond the familiar two and three-dimensional space.

The scope of this dissertation is to investigate the relations between the main subject: diagram-making, and two ancillary topics: computational data structure, and multi-dimensionality. Each subject area is studied to draw relevance to the other two. A hypothetical scenario, using a basis of computational data processing, is the context of this inquiry.

The inquiry begins with the subject on abstract variables assuming an n-dimensional existence in a diagram. This discussion extends to the diagrams in operation, where the variables in a diagram can take on active attributes and form informative relations with one another to result on a dynamic diagram. The subject of spatial dimensionality follows next to suggest that a diagram, with its variables and interactive modes can assume a presence of higher dimensionality. This therefore opens up possibilities and speculations of the behavior of and in this pace.

The reference to algorithmic data processing, problem-solving theories is to develop the generative potentials of diagrams. The emergent form of the diagram is therefore a measure of the dialogue in the conceptualization phase of architectural design

Chloe Lih Yin Hiyu

This dissertation is an excellent development of the premise and systematic uncovering of the fundamental issues facing the use of diagrams in creative architectural designing. It takes the subject to the frontline of contemporary designs, and speculates on the immediate future.

The subject matter is cast and scoped excellently at the top level; and there is a systematic and thorough investigation into the implications of "diagram works" for architectural design and design computation

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