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Culture-Info and Convention Centre

Part 2 Project 1998
Nur Ashikeen Buang
Birmingham City University | UK
Architecture is about life itself, not simply creating buildings. It evolves through the reconstruction of beliefs, memories and visions we experience. Awareness of the surrounding environment using our five incredible senses is the fundamental lesson in architecture yet significant. I believe that it is vital to understand the root of our own culture, environment and religion because these are the important aspects of man's understanding of the value of life and how we live.

In the age of globalisation, the culture of the livings evolves along with the fast changing lifestyle in a city. Fascinated by the materialistic-complex world, we are blinded towards the spiritual strengths and value of the locality uniqueness that embraces the connection of man and nature.

Inspired by the unique traditional Malay palaces and cultural diversity, the Culture-Info Centre provokes an intimate relationship between memory and modernity. An integration of traditional crafts and symbolism with modern technology. Creating a mix development of the Culture-Info and Convention Centre portrays the integration of national and internationalk activities.

The site itself enlivens the memory of the glorious Sultanate pier. Above all, the complexity and mystical sense of the history, culture and environment are manifested in the modest spatial that are strongly influenced by the hot, humid and wet tropical climate. As the collaboration of warmth and light material symbolises a contradiction that fits; capturing the strength and ability of the nations inspiration for the next generation to be proud of.
Nur Ashikeen Buang

The programme for the final Postgraduate Diploma project demands a comprehensive solution which fulfils the theoretical, artistic and technical requirements of the brief. Whilst an overall master plan has been produced for the Cultural-Information Centre, the developed scheme focuses upon the former component of the brief.

Traditional Malaysian forms spatial organisation and help to inspire the architecture.

The context of the building has been carefully considered in relation to its surroundings and takes advantage of its spectacular site overlooking the waterfront.

The scheme demonstrates the students empathy with the site and her ability to produce an imaginative architectural solution which fulfills the cultural and environmental requirements of this challenging project.

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