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Reaching Equilibrium State for Reviving the Historic Buildings Using Design Extensions

Part 2 Dissertation 2023
Rita Muhieddine Chaaban
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
It is critical to find a means to portray both the new and old components of the built environment in a balanced manner. This is difficult in a future overwhelmed with rapid evolution of our lifestyles and the emergence of new technology. Today, there is a growing trend toward using new interventions to restore historic structures in accordance with societal demands rather than viewing them as inviolate objects that cannot be changed or used for anything other than their intended use. In reality, this has helped contemporary architecture evolve, as the challenge now includes merging the old and new together rather than just building a new structure. This body of work focuses on the design of exterior addition, which is one step in the rehabilitation process where a new intervention is added as an addition to an older structure to meet shifting space needs. The field of addition architecture is surrounded by a conflict between the need for change and the need to maintain due to society's commitment to historical structures. According to the conflict in the field of historic preservation over the link between historic structures and new additions, this dissertation aims to produce multiple design approaches of new extensions that may be added to revive historic buildings in order to reach the proper equilibrium between old and new. This will contribute to the development of a setting in which both can coexist and relate to one another while honouring and promoting the architectural and cultural significance of the other. Therefore, this research depends on scientific methodology, began with literature review presenting definitions, types, historical background, analysing similar examples, and reading parameters of analysis (conservation approach, function of historic building, condition of historic building, materiality, surface articulation and compatibility of the added from). Afterwhile, the study focuses on four case studies followed by a comparison, reading by the end to solid conclusion.
Rita Muhieddine Chaaban

Maged Youssef
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