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Anthropology in Architecture

Part 2 Dissertation 2023
Sophie Atkinson
University of Bath | UK
Architecture and anthropology are disciplines which have enjoyed regular collaboration and interdisciplinary research over the years. But are the same principles of collaboration being taught to architecture students? Is this teaching informing architecture students approach to public place design?

In a world where the role of the architect is about so much more than just aesthetic and technical proficiency, the need for the profession to expand its tool-kit in order to connect deeply with the socio-political aspects of place is more prevalent than ever. This paper investigates the contemporary links between the disciplines of Anthropology and Architecture, specifically in relation to the education of architecture students.

The study has three principle aims. To establish the extent of contemporary collaboration between architecture and anthropology. To analyze the benefits to public place design of a cross-discipline approach. To discover if the methods and collaborative structures seen at a research level are filtering down into the teaching of architecture students and their resulting methods and designs studio work.

Through these aims this paper hopes to contribute to the literature which calls for an expansion of the scope of architectural education and to justify the benefits which would result in public place design.

Sophie Atkinson

Alex Copping
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