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The (Re)imagined Vibrant Territory at the Final Frontier: Exploring the Legal and Ethical Implications of Human Activity in Outer Space

Part 2 Dissertation 2023
Anna Polomska
Sheffield Hallam University | UK
Space exploration and colonization have long been subjects of imagination. However, over the last few decades, with current technological advancements and increased investments in space exploration, the topic is now more vibrant than ever. It is, therefore, important to consider the outcomes of such activities and approach them responsibly.

In this comprehensive exploration of the territory, the research delves into the political, social, and environmental dimensions of human activities beyond Earth. It examines the current and future potential challenges and seeks ways to avoid or respond to them.

Employing a feminist approach and speculative fiction, the research presents possible dystopian future scenarios. These scenarios engage in thought-provoking analyses of potential futures, highlighting concerns and calling for alternative scenarios. The research also emphasizes the need to reimagine future space colonies characterized by equality, justice, and environmental responsibility—the path we should strive towards.

Anna Polomska

Anna Wakeford Holder
Helen Stratford
Julia Udall
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