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Architecture after Extraction: Nada Muere en Mexico

Part 2 Dissertation 2023
Antonio Velasco
Valeria Bardi Cohen
Pratt Institute | USA
Just as El Dia de Los Muertos honors the cycle of life and death, our project seeks to create a meaningful connection between the end of an industrial era and the beginning of a new purposeful life for obsolete industrial pieces. By disassembling oil rigs and using their components to create a post-extraction vernacular, we propose a new urban typology that aims to bridge the gap between the industrial and the human scale, between infrastructural and public space, and that is characterized by the negotiation of industrial structure operated at the human scale. An urbanism that begins by decommissioning the infrastructure of extraction and economic exploitation will begin to return resources and economic potential to Ciudad del Carmen in Mexico, and other petrotowns.

Antonio Velasco
Valeria Bardi Cohen

Saul Anton
Adam Elstein
Frank Gesualdi
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