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Kreative Dysign Kognition: Could Dyslexia Be the Key Super Ability to Creativity?

Part 1 Dissertation 2023
Jackie Deverell
University of Portsmouth | UK
Regarding to creative practice-based subjects and disciplines, complementary cognition (dyslexia) is proposed here as a hidden ‘super’ ability that can be used in new ways of thinking towards spatial design in addition to the function of disciplines that are embodied in design overall. By identifying the aspects of cognition in brain functionality and how it can be processed in comparison to a non-dyslexic brain, we can discover if there is a huge impact and distinctive from the creator themselves. Overall, through the research that has been undertaken for this study, using a variety of resources that have been collected from books, online articles, and interviews that I have conducted with participants that are diagnosed with dyslexia (students, lecturers, and architects), I will investigate how complementary cognition can be used as a tool, employed as both a process and outcome towards spatial design.
Jackie Deverell

Trevor Keeble
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